Route 21 Corporate Park

Renting office space in a secure office park can save you up to 10% on your total rental bill – Abacus DIVISIONS

Renting offices premises in security office parks is not necessarily more expensive

than standalone offices. In fact, tenants could save as much as 10% on their

rentals due to “critical mass savings on security costs”.


This is according to Org Geldenhuys, managing director of property

management and development company, Abacus DIVISIONS. “There is often

a mistaken consensus that there is a premium charge to renting in a secure

office park. But this is not necessarily the case. Often renting in a standalone

building can actually be more expensive because of the levels of crime in South Africa.

Often tenants have to fork out significant amounts, including armed response,

to safeguard standalone premises. This could amount to R12 or more per square

metre – which is a significant amount in addition to monthly rental payable. 


“In a secure office park you have more companies paying towards

security, thereby creating a certain

amount of critical mass. The net effect of this is that tenants in secure

office parks will pay approximately R2  per square metre for security, compared

to R12,ormore, for a building in a standalone area.  This can, in effect, bring

total rental payable down by as much as 10%of a tenant’s monthly bill –

meaning that tenants are not only saving money, but are able to stay in more modern, secure, and

aesthetically pleasing office parks.


“By making savings of up to 10%, companies could also use this money

for other expenses, including expanding the business by employing

additional staff.”

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