Route 21 Corporate Park


ImageListed technology company, EOH, upped their rental space at the upmarket business estate in Irene, Route 21 Corporate Estate, taking their total office space to just over 5 000 square metres.

EOH are now in three different office blocks in the park belonging to property marketing and development company, Abacus DIVISIONS – one of the main investors in Route 21 Corporate Park.

Org Geldenhuys, MD of Abacus DIVISONS, said Route 21 Corporate Park is one of the most sought after business estates in Pretoria, saying this is one of the reasons why it attracted high-calibre clients like EOH.

He said EOH is one of his company’s flagship clients.

John King, financial director of EOH, said the company decided on Route 21 due to its high level of security, its fibre optic network and proximity to key roads in the area – including the highway.

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