Route 21 Corporate Park

Abacus DIVISIONS reports Only a few Industrial stands left at N4 Gateway

There are only a handful of stands left in N4 Gateway, one of the last areas where owner occupiers or investors can buy industrial land in Pretoria.

This comes amid reports of a severe shortage of industrial land to develop in the greater Pretoria area. N4 Gateway, a gated industrial estate, is situated on the N4 highway in Pretoria.

According to Org Geldenhuys, MD of property management and development company, Abacus DIVISIONS, the complex boasts 124 stands, of which 90 are now sold. Of the90 stands sold, 65 have already been developed. Of the 90stands, 34 were bought by investors and the rest were bought by owner occupiers.

“There is a very real shortage of industrial land and, at the same time, the industrial property is really sparking of late. There’s not much stock left for investors, or owner occupiers.”
The estate boasts fibre optics for data and telecoms, excellent security – including access control and biometrics – and has quick access onto the N4 highway.

“Access control and security play a major role in the minds of the decision makers when deciding where to build. The N4 Gateway estate certainly has top notch security and this is definitely one of its draw cards,” said Theuns Botha, director of Uniqon, the developers of N4 Gateway.

While the office property market is still battling – and is still facing a high level of vacancies – there appears to be a growing demand for new industrial developments.

Zoning for N4 Gateway is commercial & industrial, with an FSR of 0.6 and coverage as per SDP and stands sizes range from 1500 sqm to just over 1 hectare.

Call Abacus DIVISIONS on (012) 345 55 55

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