Tenant Updates

Abacus DIVISIONS welcomes size=”2″>Prochain Best Practice Supply Chain Solutions (PTY) size=”2″> to size=”2″>Route 21 Corporate size=”2″> !

Abacus DIVISIONS anounced today that it has succesfully placed Prochain Best Practice Supply Chain Solutions (PTY) Ltd as tenant in Route 21 Corporate Park.

Their services include:

1. Commercial Contract Management and Procurement
2. Supply Chain Management
3. Systems Management
4. Vendor Management and Inspection Services
5. Financial Management
6. Marketing and New Business Development

Our leasing team wishes to extend a warm welcome to them !

Visit our website today to find space for your company in Route 21 Corporate Park or any of the other areas that we represent. Call Abacus DIVISIONS on (012) 345 55 55


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